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How to enter Comments or Description section for Specific Cell in Datatable?









Hi I created timesheet which is used to enter the different time for different projects. Here each employee to maintain the timesheet for weekly and semi monthly, I completed almost all functionality. But here i want to include the comments section for individual time.Means once i enter the time for monday tothe particular project then the comments section box will also populate automatically, here i want one box which will populate whenever i click in one cell, and also each boxis seperate comments, these comments will enter by employee only. Like this i want to populate comment box for each and every time.

what i want is displayed above diagram....with this diagram you can see the description or comment box. like that you will give the solution/...

So can anyone give the suitable answer to me........as soon as possible.





Where is the diagram ? Please post it and if possible explain it in diagram.