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Ranu JainRanu Jain 

page out of boundry


i developed a VF page . in which when content of page is exceeded that a horizontal scroll bar is coming by native functionality of browser and page become much wide.

i dont want increase the width of the page. 

instead of this whenever content  of the page exceeded i want only scroll bar on my div which show the reslt not the scroll bar of browser and dont want that page would be wider than it was displayed on refreshed .





You can specify the overflow behaviour for the x-axis of the div in question.  I think you'll need to use the following style:


<div style="overflow-x: scroll;">

 you may also need to specify a width for the div for this to work though.

Ranu JainRanu Jain

Thanks for rply

I applied stype yu seggested but i want to remove the scroll bar which is coming on browser 

and still my content is in limited width dev but my page is becoming wider and due to this browser's scroll bar is coming.

i am not able to find that why my page is becoming wider ?


You can remove the browser scrollbar by specifying the overflow behaviour for the entire page:


html {
   overflow-x: hidden;

 although this will truncate your page content.

Abhay AroraAbhay Arora

Hi ,


I think for this you have to make the width fixed site say 1000px and then set the overflow-x;auto. Also i think there is some element in whcih you have specified the width explictly which is causing the issue.


html {
   overflow-x: auto;