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Deepika GulatiDeepika Gulati 

IE8 Win 7 Problem in Rendering the VF page through Custom Button



  1. on my PC (windows 7 & using IE8) I am having trouble when clicking on the Custom Button that opens a VF page – i have to log in again and then it opens the VF page.




2.  when I use another W7 & IE8 machine,  and logging in as  some User,  everything works ok, 




3. When using my W7 Machine, logging in as same user  but using firefox,  everything is ok.



My VF page has an action attribute calling a Method in Controller class as soon as it loads.

Also it use the DataTable and output panel to display the Lists populated in the Controller method.

I am not able to resolve this issue.


Can somebody plz help me.


Thanks i Advance




Abhay AroraAbhay Arora

I think you have a popup and in your system that is blocked.... is this the case?


It sounds like the one where it is not working has IE browser security settings that are restricting something.....