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Reg: VF Page Scrolling Issue in HomePage Component.


Hi All, 


    I have VF Page with scrolling. This scrolling is working as expected when I open the VF Page. Now I kept this VF Page as Homepage Component. When We scroll the home page from top to bottom, once Its reached to the VF Page, then all the data inside the VF Page was scrolling first then the Home Page is scrolling next.  


Please see the Jing video Url :  



Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


I'd imagine this is because the VF is in an iframe, and that scrolls independently of the page.  You could try enlarging the visualforce page so that it is large enough to show all the content without scrolling.  


Put u r complite VF inside a div & try toset the scroll propert for div
"Overflow "


Hi Bob, 


Thanks for your reply. I agree on what your suggesting in this scenario. But my VF Page should have min height and with scrolling(needed). If Any other solutions please let me know the same.