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Swathi JainSwathi Jain 

how to Hide Panel bar item

I have a vf page with the pannel bar 



<apex:panelbaritem> item1 </apex:panelbaritem>

<apex:panelbaritem> item2 </apex:panelbaritem>

<apex:panelbaritem> item3 </apex:panelbaritem>



When i reload the page 1 is open and 2 and 3 close 

but i need  all panel bar items are to be close .

I want to change the background color 

all these panel baritems are in green , i want to change these colors. 




You can use the class for color and display







 <apex:panelBar >
      <apex:panelBarItem name="Item1" label="MyName"  id="Item1"  headerClass="ChangeCOLOR"></apex:panelBarItem>
       <apex:panelBarItem name="Item2" label="MyPass" id="Item2"  headerClass="ChangeCOLOR" ></apex:panelBarItem>
        <apex:panelBarItem name="Item3" label="MyWork" id="Item3"  headerClass="ChangeCOLOR"></apex:panelBarItem>


If there is any issue then let me know .