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How to read the content from the page and store into the object?

Hi Friends,


I developed one page using RSS Feed. Due to this, from a site of "http://phx.corporate-ir.net/corporate.rss?c=61500&Rule=Cat=news|subcat=ALL" which  i am getting the daily updates about myWD. 


Now, i want to store the details which are displaying on the page has to be captured and load into the custom object.


I got the source code from community itselft, by using the keyword like 'rss feed'.


In that, getFeedContent method is used to display the details on the page. The same details, i want to capture in a list and inset into the custom object.


whie i am trying to capture the content in getFeedContent(), i am getting following error:


System.LimitException: DML currently not allowed
Class.RssFeed.getfeedcontent: line 98, column 1


Please help me in this, how to capture the content from the page(rssFeed Page).






this kind of error will come generally if you are trying to implement a DML operation in the constructor. so remove that and implemented that in the action fucntion from the page...