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Visualforce Email Template



We  have a lookup field(Controller) on a custom obj to user obj ,

We have a requirement to send out an Email on daily basis to our Users with a list of custom obj  in  a which the user is made the Controller.


For EX: if 3 records are created and User 1 is controller for rec 1 &2 , User 2 is controller for rec 3.


An email will be sent out to User 1 with details of rec1 and rec2 at the end of the day.


Similarly an email should be sent out o User 2 with details of rec3.


for this i have created a schedular class with all logic  to send an email to the users but i am  not able to put the rec. info in to email template. I tried to create a component and and used this component in a visualforce email template, but this is not pulling any data from the controller.


Any ideas will be greatly apreciated to implemtn this.


Try removing the recipientType from the <messaging:emailTemplate> tag from the template.  You should then be able to reference your object but *not* the user.


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