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Can any one help this popup window in vf page

Hi guys.


Need a bit help from you people.

i want a pop up window show up when i click a radio button. when that pop up is shown no other button can be clicked in the page . The requirement is i have several radio button and input field in a page . when i click a radio button the background process is running , within that time i have to show the pop up window. For this i am using action status, action function . i am partially successful in this but the problem is while the pop up window shows on the screen i can click other button.



Please give me answers its very urgent requirement...



thanks for youe help




You can set the z-index of the popup to appear above all other elements if that helps?


You can get a really nice modal window with Jquery. I am beginner t in Jquery but below I give a suggested approach, you will want to confirm any error in the code and make sure it works. You'll also have to define your selector and Ids of Classes of the radio button you want to fire the modal window from.


Put this in a script tag in your VF page. Add the Jquery resources as well.


j$ = Jquery.noConflict();

j$(function() {
	j$('[id*=RadBTN]').bind("click", function(e){
		j$( "#dialog-modal" ).dialog({ height: 140, modal: true });


then put this somewhere in your VF page body:

<div id="dialog-modal" title="Basic modal dialog">
	<p>Add some page content in here.</p>


Add some content into it and your set. 


There are some good resources and tutorials in the web, but these two are the ones I like best for handy reference: