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Email template preview


I need help ...it's urgent

i have created an VF page in which the email template is dispalyed in drop down .User can select one of the email template and when they select any template a link " template Preview " is appear.

After clicking this link a new vf page is open with a popup which is a standard Email template previe page with url:  /p/email/template/EmailTemplatePreview?preview_template_id=00X30000001I7wS&setupid=EmailTemplates


same as a standard salesforce page when we click on the send and varify the merge field button. after click on the ok button they do not go to the another page same as standard salesforce it gives me error 

"Unsafe java script call..."



Please help

My requirement is when user click on the template previes Link a new popup is open same as standard salesforce when we click on the send and verify the merge field button in email template.




Plz help