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Dynamic binding to input field



I am trying to create my own filters on objects like opportunity, account, etc. to show records as a filtered list by the criteria selected by the user.


                                                            1.Fields    -     2.Operator    -     3.Value


Purpose is to show all fields of an object in a first drop down. Middle drop down shows the operators. And third drop down shows the value (as shown above).

This is exactly same as the filter conditions in reports.

  • If the value in first drop down is of type pick list, all corresponding values in pick list are displayed in third drop down i.e. Value
  • If the value in first drop down is of type Boolean, true and false should be displayed.

How to dynamically bind these values to third input field (Value) so that appropriate popup/suggestion is available for the user(e.g. datepicker if the selected field is of type date )?




Hengky IlawanHengky Ilawan



If you use <apex:inputField>, the corresponding type of form element will be automatically displayed.