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I have a workflow situation where I would like fields visible only when editing,
but then disappear when the workflow "field update" is populated. Help!

Saurabh DhobleSaurabh Dhoble

Not sure I understand - can you be a little clear.


when the workflow "field update" is populated - do you mean the fields should not be editable once the Workflow has been executed ?


Reading between the lines, this sounds like something record types would help with. Set up two record types and two page layouts. Assign one page layout to each record type. Default the user to the first record type (and therefore the first page layout). On this first page layout, make fields X, Y, and Z editable. Also include field S that controls the workflow. When field S is updated via workflow, add another action to also update the recordtype to the second recordtype, which uses the second page layout. On this second page layout, make fields X, Y, and Z hidden (or readonly). You may want to also make field S (for Status?) readonly to keep the user from going backwards.


Hope this helps,