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getting ID from external website

Hi Guys,


I have requirement like out client has a website, where on one of the page we have links with country names when we click on those links we have to display some information related to that country.

How can we catch that ID from the external website..


Any body have idea..... It is very urgent Please....








You have to attach id value with the link that you are clicking to navigate to other page.


for e.g. <apex:outputLink value="{!$Page.InfoByCountry}?countryId={!country.Id}">{!country.Name}</apex:outputLink>


Now in the controller of InfoByCountry page you can get the id by using


Id countryClicked = ApexPages.currentPage().getParameters().get('countryId');



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Hi Vikhas,


I am really dieing here..

I am able to do dynamically for contry and states..


But i want to do same for my client.. There little bit names difference.


can you tell me ur gmail or send me invite to bajidssk@gmail.com  it is very urgent i have to show my client.

Please help me out.. really urgent







I have sent an invite to you, if you have not then u can add me as vickyskit@gmail.com