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How to use <apex:facet> with span tag

<apex:facet name="footer">

<span class="????"></span>




the above code i used in my application.What isthe pupose pf this code is , it mainly concentrate on to get the total value of all the columns. For this purpose i want to add this. So, how to give the class name in <span> tag........



give some examples for this ...




An <apex:facet> component can only exist in the body of a parent component if the parent supports facets. The name of the facet component must match one of the pre-defined facet names on the parent component. This name determines where the content of the facet component is rendered. Consequently, the order in which a facet component is defined within the body of a parent component does not affect the appearance of the parent component.


A <span> element used to color a part of a text:






            bgcolor: yourcolorcode !important;




<apex:facet name="header">

         <span style="classNameForPageBlockSection">Account Details from Facet</span>


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