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What does 'As-of-Date' means for Opportunity Report?

Hi all.

I have to made a custom report in a visual force page using JavaScript(Ajax toolkit). The report shows As of Date Opportunities records for previous 4 weeks separately e.g. 


                               |                                                                 As of date                                                                                                       |


Historical stage  |   06/09/2012 - 06/15/2012  | 06/16/2012-06/22/2012 | 06/23/2012-06/29/2012 | 06/30/2012-07/06/2012 |


Above the funnel |              Count= 42                |   Count = 35                      |          Count = 30               |         Count = 29               |



The problem is that: What will be the criteria to decide which which opportunity belongs to which week.. Currently i am using Close Date to assign an Opportunity to a particular week but it gives wrong result. e.g. if an opportunities close date is 06/14/2012 then i am counting it in the first week..... Please Help





Are you using an Opportunity Trend Report as your Report Type?

Opportunity Trend Reports take a Snapshot "As of" the 1st of the month each passing month.  These snapshots cannot look forward and the snapshot date and frequency can't be changed.

"As of date" is easy - the results show any opportunity existing within the interval range on the As of date.

As of date is a good Time Frame interval view to see how your total pipeline grows month over month.


yes it is like Opportunity Trend Report. I am confused about the criteria to use. how to determine The number of "As of date" opportunities in a particular stage for specific week.