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Including the capabilities of a standard controller in a tab

Dear Folks,


I have a page with a number of tabs as shown in the code below:


<apex:page controller="Administration">
    <apex:tabPanel switchType="client" id="theTabPanel">
        <apex:tab label="Account">Content for Account</apex:tab>
        <apex:tab label="Project">Content for Projects</apex:tab>
        <apex:tab label="Milestone">Content for Milestone</apex:tab>
        <apex:tab label="Activity">Content for Activity</apex:tab>

 What I need to do is render the Accounts home page with the new, save etc buttons in the Accounts tab. Clicking on new should render the new account view inside the tab similarly for other functions.


Since the account standard controller comes prebuilt with the new, save etc functions I want to know how to instantiate the controller inside the tab. I cannot use standardController="Account" because I have other objects which require the same functionality.


I do not have anything in my controller file yet as I could not find a starting point.