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How Can I use an datepicker of apex in jquery mobile?

How can I use an datepicker of apex in my jquery mobile page. At the moment my code is looking like this.


    	<apex:inputField value="{!ZeiterfassungsListe.Enddatum__c}"/>
		<label>Öffentliche Notizen</label>
    	<apex:inputField value="{!ZeiterfassungsListe.Oeffentliche_Notizen__c}"/>



On the result i get an empty field without any selection of dates. Under the field it shows the date of today.. Crazy...

I want to get the normal datepicker of salesforce.

Any solution???



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Saurabh DhobleSaurabh Dhoble

Check this post, it talks about a similar problem with VF pages. I think you can use the same solution.