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I couldn't able to override the New Button with my new visualforce page in Trial Org



 I have two custom objects


1. Activity(Parent)   2. material(child)


 Actvity view page is Visualforce page 


URl Is 




material relatedlist i have button "New Material" On Actvity Detail Page.


If i am clciking on "New materail" button the page navigating Material_New page (this one came from pacakage)


Url is https://enterprise-drive-9784--fconnect.na9.visual.force.com/apex/New_Material?CF00NE0000003kDiK=10&CF00NE0000003kDiK_lkid=a00E0000006VEZH&scontrolCaching=1&retURL=%2Fapex%2Ffconnect__ActivityViewPage%3Fid%3Da00E0000006VEZH%26sfdc.override%3D1&sfdc.override=1


here my client reqirement is changed so I would like to create a New Visualforce page in the Trial Org.So i create a new page Trial_New_Materail. I overrided with this new Visualforce page.when i am clcking on New material button on Actvity detail page 


I am getting below error messsage


URL No Longer Exists

You have attempted to reach a URL that no longer exists on salesforce.com. 


and my url is coming like this

(this page is comming from fconnect package)



if i am opning my page 

like apex/Trial_New_Materail then it is working fine 




if i am replacing fconnect with c. it is working fine why my url is coming with fconnect eventhough i ovveride the Material New button with visualforce apge which has been developed in the trial org.


Please any one help me.