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Kalpana ReddyKalpana Reddy 

Invoking web sevices

Is there a sample code and tutorial as how I can invoke an external webservice from visualforce page or apex code.

I also want to know how I can expose web services within force.com platform so that my external application can invoke that.


so basically I need web services inbound and outbound from sfdc. Any tutorials or documentation for that?





There are many resources on how to do so in Force.com.


Start here: http://wiki.developerforce.com/page/Apex_Web_Services_and_Callouts


You'll be able to see how to create inbound and outbound message types. Also, refer to the Apex Code Developer's Guide for more information regarding REST services, the "webservice" keyword (for inbound messaging), and the section related to generating Apex Code from a WSDL (to call out to a web service).