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VIsualForce to external web app


I am a newbie to SalesForce and trying to do one simple task. In SalesForce Account creation page I have created a custom button, which can take me to another web application in my company, when I create a new account. Now while doing that I also need to capture the data used in account creation and provide that to other application. That application is a legacy application used to generate quote. When the user is done with generating the quote I want that data to flow back to SalesForce.


I am wondering what is the way I can transmit the data from SalesForce to other app and again back to SalesForce.

Any pointers/help will be greatly appreciated.







There are various ways to integrate external systems and salesforce - through the web service or rest APIs, through a custom apex web service or rest interface.  Much depends on how much work you want to do.  If its a small amount of information you could pass it on the URL to your legacy system and when the quote is complete, pass information back on the URL to a visualforce page.  This will only really work for simple fields though, so wouldn't be a good fit if you need to send complex objects back and forth or documents.

Thanks Bob for your reply.
The data transferred between two systems is a simple. Basically when user logs in to SalesForce, there will be a new button on home page. On click of this button if the user has created any quotes previously he will be taken to the other application showing him the quotes. He can review them within that application.
Is there any tutorial to call external webservice from within SF?
To talk to the external webapp, do I need to create a service in salesforce or I can write a service in java and just consume it from SalesForce?

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You can consume an external WSDL using wsdl2apex - this will generate you the Apex classes you can use to call the external web service. Full details are in the Apex Developer's Guide.



This section has an example: