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Hide Header and Sidebar in iframe

I have VF page and I am using iframe in VF Page 

<apex:tab label="Fulfillment" >
<iframe src="\apex\DXGAccountFulfillment?id={!account.id}" width="100%" height="1500px"></iframe>



the VF PAge DXGAccountFulfillment has header and sidebar. I need to hide them for few profiles. I dont want to create 2 different VF Pages just to hide header.

Is there a way out to hide header based on profile. 





Instead of sending each profile to a different page having a different URL can you modify the URL based on the profiler you want to remove the header and sidebar... If you can do it try this..


mysalesforceurl.com/apex/myifamepage?isdtp=mn  (this will remove the header and sidebar for any page.)


Then for the profiler that you want to see the header and sidebar use this URL.




Bottom line: simply add ?isdtp=mn to remove the stuff..




Yes I have tried that before posting the question. 

since i am using that the Javascript on my page stopped working. so i am looking for alternative

venu kingvenu king

hi did u got the sloution for  your answer please help me ...........


thank you 



use isdtp=vw in the src...