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Fix Scale on Visualforce Chart

Is there any way to fix a scale and scale interval on a visualforce chart? I'm plotting a bar series that looks like:


x           y

-30       1

-20       5

-10       8

+10      3

+20      4

+30      6


It anchors the vertical barchart y axis scale at 1 and the top at 9, therefore, there is no bar shown for the first point at x=-30. I guess in a series starting at x=0 you could add another element at 0,0, but that doesn't work here. I can' t see any way in the documentation to set the scale, I also have the case where they y-values need to be whole numbers, yet it shows the scale in increments of 0.5,



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Never mind. The answer is the miniumum, maximum and steps attributes on <apex:axis>. Somehow I missed it.