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Admin user gets "Insufficient privileges"

We have a VF page that overrides the tab for a custom object. This page can be viewed in 2 modes: 1) without parameters in url, 2) with parameters in url. Both modes can be accessed fine by AdminUser1, but AdminUser2 can only access the page without parameters. Once she puts in *any* parameter she gets an "Insufficient privileges" error.


I tried removing everything from the VF page (actually reduced to 2 lines) but the behaviour didn't change. In the controller for the page there's zero logic around the parameter that's being passed. Moreover, like I said, this error occurs with *any* parameter even if it's some garbage character.


Any ideas what's going on?!

I am not able to understand your question. Could you please share both the URL you are trying to view the page. do check the VF security, if it is available for the other profiles.

Can you provide more information.
Paste part of your code. Also, which object you processing with this VF page/controller?

Page/Controller security is based on profiles, and as I said both users are members of the System Admin profile which by default has access to everything.


The page is called ObjectTab and can be accessed in 2 ways:




AdminUser1 can view both but AdminUser2 can only view the first one.

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asadim2 - did you ever find a resolution to this? I am having the same issue