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Sanket MeghaniSanket Meghani 

apex:inputField does not generate onchange event when used for lookup field and lookup text is large

I am creating a <apex:inputField> for account lookup. I want to call a controller method and rerender some componenets when the lookup value is changed.


<apex:inputField id="account" value="{!account}" required="true">
    <apex:actionSupport event="onchange" action="{!loadAccountDependantFields}"                             reRender="legalName,accountLeadRegion,accountCID,accountAMLExempt,relatedOpportunities"/>

 The lookup and AJAX call works fine if the account value selected using lookup is small and fits in the width of the displayed input field.


However the onchange even does not seem to be fired when the selected account name is large and does not fit within input box of lookup.


Any idea about the reason and is there any workaround to handle large account name?


Thank you,


Can you try setting the width of the inputfield and post the result. Use the style attribut to specify a larger width.