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How to give user defined id to an apex:image



   I would like to give dynamic ids based on the no of result which I get.




newTextBoxDiv.after().html('<table><tr><td><input type="text" name="textbox' + counter +
'" id="textbox' + counter + '" value="" style="padding:5px 0px 0px 0px;" ></td><td style="display: block;"><img src="r-arrow.png" alt="" onClick="functionCall(this.id)" id="textBox2RightArrowImage1' + counter + '"></td>'+
'<td style="display: none;"><img src="d-arrow.png" alt="" id="textBox2DownArrowImage1' + counter + '"></td></tr></table>');


it is working in html but not in apex.



Any help is appreciated.

Subha ASubha A
You can use <apex:variable> and define a variable which can be incremented and used similarly like this.
i have seen but it is not working.can you send me any example.
Subha ASubha A

<apex:variable value="{!0}" var="rowNum"/>


<apex:dataTable value="{!dataValue}" var="val" id="pgblk_tbl" >



<apex:variable var="rowNum" value="{!rowNum + 1}"/>




Instead of datatable If you are using any other tags like repeat or pageblocktable will also work similarly