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Display Record Type description on mouseover in a list of record type names

On a VF page, I want to display a list of record types for a custom object --- with a checkbox preceding each record type Name.  For example, with a custom object “Food” I might have the following:



o Vegetables

o Fruit


I would like to display the record type Description (in some kind of box) on mouseover of the record type Name.  Alternately, I could display a question mark icon and display the record type Description when it is clicked ---as in the following example (using an icon for the question mark)


? Meat

? Vegetables

? Fruit



I tried the suggestion at http://salesforceworld.blogspot.com/2011/08/displaying-pop-up-summaries-on-hover-in.html#  but received Insufficient Privileges on mouseover.


Any ideas?