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Customer Portal Cases

Hi, we are trying to create a VF page to list the logged in customer portal user's cases and allow them to see each case.  The below code lists the cases when I am logged in with my user, but when I log in as on of the customer portal users, it does not list any cases.  Any ideas why?  The customer portal is all set up correctly and the user profile is set for full permission on the Case object.


<apex:page standardstylesheets="false" showHeader="false" sidebar="false" standardController="Case" recordSetVar="cases">


<div class="box_header title_box" style="color: #fff;padding: 5px 5px;font-size: 15px; font-weight:bold">My Open Cases 


<base target="_parent"/>

 <apex:pageBlock title="Viewing Cases">

        <apex:form id="theForm">

        <table width="100%" >

          <tr><td align="center" width="25%" class="heading">Case Number</td><td align="center" width="25%" class="heading">Subject</td><td align="center" width="25%" class="heading">Status</td><td align="center" width="25%" class="heading">Last Updated</td></tr>

            <apex:repeat var="c" value="{!cases}">



            <td align="center" width="25%" class="case_text content">

              <a href="/{!c.Id}">{!c.CaseNumber}</a>


            <td align="center" width="25%" class="case_text content">

              <apex:outputText value="{!c.Subject}"  escape="false" /> 


            <td align="center" width="25%" class="case_text content">

              <apex:outputText value="{!c.Status}" escape="false" /> 


            <td align="center" width="25%" class="case_text content">

               <apex:outputText value="{0,date,MMMMM dd, yyyy 'at' hh:mm a z}" escape="false"> 

               <apex:param value="{!c.ClosedDate}" />




          <tr><td colspan="4" style=" border-bottom-style: dashed; border-bottom-color:#FFA500; border-bottom-width: 1px;"></td></tr>








try to set the user in the debug log and see what is getting returned through '{!cases}'

Checked the logs, nothing stands out to me...


09:31:15.023 (23424000)|EXECUTION_STARTED
09:31:15.023 (23469000)|CODE_UNIT_STARTED|[EXTERNAL]|066c00000008kCi|VF: /apex/CasePortal
09:31:15.173 (173466000)|VF_SERIALIZE_VIEWSTATE_BEGIN|066c00000008kCi
09:31:15.175 (175228000)|VF_SERIALIZE_VIEWSTATE_END
09:31:15.601 (179949000)|CUMULATIVE_LIMIT_USAGE

09:31:15.179 (179971000)|CODE_UNIT_FINISHED|VF: /apex/CasePortal
09:31:15.179 (179985000)|EXECUTION_FINISHED