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ui (front end)

Hi Guys,


I need to make the UI (front end) look better.
I have been told to use "plugins of js or jQuery". I am new to Salesforce and have not an idea of what I need to do and where I get this plugin from?


Could someone please guide me and start me off?





You're going to probably have a rough time at trying to make the UI perfectly happy with you. But, in the meantime, you can download and learn about jQuery at www.jquery.org.

Hi Aniqaa,

Please follow the following link given below having a good example of jquery Search record in page block table without writing apex code (Using JQuery/JavaScript) in Salesforce .





Thanks for that MoUsman, but surely there is a simpler method to make a simple table cell background color change with out the need to divert to jquery.. All I really need to do is find out where to put the colors using the .odd and .even method to alternate each cell one color and then the other... and be able to set the color chosen... Please tell me that can be done with having to learn jquery... Thanks i hope this more fully explains what feature of the interface I am trying to change.. My project is urgent, so if anyone can help please do... Thank you so very much in  advance.