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Related Contact Email not passed into the "to field" for the send email button

Hi i have a custom object, widgetSales, that has a related contact (lookup). i've built a visual force email template that pulls data from the widgetSales object. when i press the send email button, i'm taken to the right page but the associated contact is not auto populated with the related contact from the widgetSales object? 

wondering if i'm missing something? 

the vf template relatedTo is set to widgetSales and pulls all the data properly and the recipient type is set to Contact as it should be. it's just not passing in the contact who should receive the email and we have to go through the unnecessary step of looking up the contact every time we want to send an email from the custom object.

any thoughts?

thanks you very much!


ps. this is a repost from success.salesforce.com, i thought i was here...