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Prompt message on click of save in standard page

Hi, Is it possible to get a javascript prompt or something like that on click of save in standard page? I know it can be done by a vf but would like to have a customized save button or something of that sort which would prompt the user on satisfactory conditions. Thanks in advance, Dave
Rahul SharmaRahul Sharma

You can use custom button with on click javascript button type, then you can perform our custom logic before saving the record.

DJ Rock your own styleDJ Rock your own style
Hi Rahul, Thanks for ur response. What I want here is an operation wherein the user will be prompted beore save. Using a custom button, we need to press the button for runnning the javascript. I want to run the same on click of save. Regards, Dave

Hi Dave


This can't be achieved from the standard save Button.


If you are anyway want to achieve it then, you can override the detail page with a custom vf page as same as standard detail page with usage of <apex:detail/> component.


Then you can achieve this.