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How would I create combo "Address" fields?

Does anyone know how I would go about creating the type of combo "Address" fields that you see on the Account (Billing Address & Shipping Address) as well as the Contact (Mailing Address and Other Address) where all the fields of the address display at the same time in one clean box?  


How easy would it be to create the needed elements so that I could just drop it on the page layout as an S-Control, without resorting to overriding the entire page as a Visualforce page?  Any ideas would be a major help as my background is more in Apex as opposed to Visualforce (so I'm admittedly a bit dumb in the VF department).



You can't use s-******* technology for new development. Visualforce is the here and now, and is the future; in fact, the prior technology is probably due to be phased out entirely within the two years (but that's not an official proclamation, as I wouldn't know, just a hunch).

You can drop in a Visualforce page anywhere you can drop in an s-*******. However, they can't appear in edit mode on a page layout, just as the preceding technology couldn't. So, you could easily drop a Visualforce page onto a regular layout and have that page be the edit box for an address. It just can't appear on an edit layout without building an entirely new edit page.

On the plus side, https://success.salesforce.com/ideaView?id=08730000000BrVWAA0. Go vote for this feature, maybe we'll have it in a future release.