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Mauricio OliveiraMauricio Oliveira 

Adding a Quote Line Item more than once at "Add Line Item" page

Hi all,


in my organization we have the possibility of adding the same product more than once in the same quote (which is different from changing its quantity, we have other fields that vary for each line item).


So, what I would like in fact is that the page for "Add Line Item", where you have the product search for adding it to a quote, to have an extra field to meet that requirement. For example, a simple number field that the user fills with the number of times he wants to add that item. Without this change, he needs to add the same item as many times as he needs it (lots of clicks for each time, instead of doing all only once).


Does anyone know an app, or have an visualforce page code that does this? Or at least a good starting point, I'm new to creating visualforce on Salesforce.




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Mauricio OliveiraMauricio Oliveira

I have found this post on Michael's blog: http://www.michaelforce.org/recipeView?id=a0G30000006eVxVEAU


I did some adaptations to his code and it worked for me.