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link between class diagram and salesforce schema builder?

Hi Guys,


I am doing a Project, for better understanding I am trying to find out "What is the link between the class diagram and Salesforce Schema Builder? "


So far, I know that:

Class diagram:


  • Describing the static view of the system.
  • Showing the collaboration among the elements of the static view.
  • Describing the functionalities performed by the system.
  • Construction of software applications using object oriented languages.
  • Analysis and design of the static view of an application.

  • Describe responsibilities of a system.

  • Base for component and deployment diagrams.

  • Forward and reverse engineering.


    Salesforce Schema Builder:


    The Schema Builder makes it easier to visualize my objects, fields and relationships in an interactive Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD).
    It shows the follows:

    • Objects and fields
    • Relationships between objects (standard and custom)
    • Differentiate between master-detail and lookup relationships at a glance
    • Switch views between labels and API names

    To launch Schema Builder, go to Setup → App Setup → Schema Builder.



    But how are the linked in any ways??


    I would really appreciate your help guys :)