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Custom Interaction Log with Service Cloud Save Issue



We use a Custom Interaction Log (CIL) instead of the Standard Interaction Log (SIL) in our Service Console Cloud app. It is nicely integrated except for one irratating detail: When an edit is made in the CIL and the user tries to close the Enclosing Tab, the Service Console correctly recognizes an edit has been made and prompts for a save, but when you click save, it hangs because it doesn't know how to clear the edit in th CIL (that's my guess). The Save progress bar just stays up there and never finishes, so you have to close out the page. To me as a Developer, I think the problem has to be that Console doesn't know how to  clear that edit. I've searched the forums and no one seems to know how to correct this. Salesforce documentation says that "Custom Console Componets like ...., Visualforce pages... can be be fully integrated...in the Service Console"  Has anyone been able to implement a Custom Interaction Log Visualforce page (or any VF page) that can be saved when closing unprompted changes?


Thanks in advance for your input!