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Browser Autofill on text fields

input text fields on VF page do not seem to have autofill turned on (feature where browser "remembers" the last input on the form and provides suggestions). I also tried to provide the value "on" to "autocomplete" attribute on the input feilds via js but that didnt work. I read on a forum that autocomplete attribute needs to be turned "on" at the form level but that didnt help either. 


Any help would be appreciated! Thanks


Are you using reRender on the action button?



Did you get this to work?


// Niklas

Edgars Everts 5Edgars Everts 5
Any update with this question!?

I had the same case, but could not re-produce the case when I did store field data into browser history.
But I had a file Web Data for Google Chrome, and it had VF page field name in it, so it still confuses me, because once it was stored, but can't match the attributes on the form, or field level or both.

Still trying to find out "how"

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