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Jimmy JayJimmy Jay 

isdtp=vw, Solution/Workaround Details and an inline VF page.

I have a need to use isdtp=vw to display my org's solutions within our portal made of custom visualforce pages.


The Solutions VF page has an <apex:iframe> in it that points to src="/{!$CurrentPage.parameters.solutionId}?isdtp=vw"


This works for displaying the standard solutions layout inside our Solutions VF page. However I have an inline visualforce page on solutions used for displaying youtube videos and this seems to be causing an issue when combined with isdtp=vw in the URL. As long as this VF page is on the layout, even if I change the page to nothing more than <apex:page></apex:page>, the content of the standard Solution/Workaround Details field on solutions shows as blank. The label is still there but there is just a blank space the same size of the actual content that should be showing.


As soon as I remove the inline VF page from the Solutions layout everything works fine.(besides missing the inline VF)


I have also gone to the source of the iframe directly and the same issue occurs so it is unrelated the portal VF surrounding the iframe.


isdtp=mn  &  isdtp=lt both successfully show the inline VF page and Solution/Workaround Details field but I do not want to use the old Salesforce UI that results from using these parameters.


Any idea how I can use the isdtp=vw paramter and an inline vf page without the Solution/Workaround Details issue?