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Adding products to the Quote line items

While adding the Quote Line items to the Quote, a Sales User some times wants to add a product that is not available on the Product2 table.


The Product2 Table does not have all the products all the time, that a Sales User needs to  build a Quote.


Has anyone designed a functionality around this requirement, that will allow Sales People to add products to the Quote , if they cannot find it under the Product2 table or while searching through Quote LIne items.





Marko LamotMarko Lamot



We implemented it the following way:

- we put "add non existing product" button on the quote

- this button opens page where user can set product name, description, quantity, discount...

- upon clicking "add" on that page, apex code then makes sure that the product is then added to product2 & pricebookentry tables; and after that added to the quotelineitem of the quote;


-  in product2 we put a special flag to such "custom" products in order to differantiate them from "regular" products....