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Deselect item from apex:inputField with JQuery

I have an apex:inputField in my visualforce page. It is populated with a picklist field of a standard object.


<apex:inputField id="practiceselection" value="{!PracticeOpportunity.myPickList__c}" onchange="myOnchangeFunction(this);" ></apex:inputField>

There is one item in this picklist which is the default value. I need to deselect that default item from the component whenever user select one from the list. I tried to do this with JQuery but could not able to overcome. 

This is what I tried finally. When user select more than one with the default value, I tried to deselect all options.



 But this didn't work. Please give an idea to implement this.


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To select a vf component with jquery try this

SF generates Id based on its own algorithm something like "jd1:jdf01:jdf0001:practiceselection" so normal id selector wont work but you can use ends with selector

By the way you can use actionSupport as well to make the field blank by assigning PracticeOpportunity.myPickList__c = '' from the controller