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Winter 14 pageBlockSectionItem format bug

It would appear there is a bug with the Winter 14 release and visualforce pageBlockSectionItem. Below is the markup to reproduce:



		<apex:pageBlockSection >
				<apex:outputPanel >
					Choose whether to define the fields for this Map Object or whether to refer to another object 
					already configured. (e.g. for Opportunities, you may want to refer to the Account object). Referring to 
					another object means this object need not be geocoded and will use the referring object's information.
				<apex:outputPanel >

In Summer 13 it looked like this, correct:



In Winter 14 it looks like this:


definitely a bug.


in Winter 14, the block with long text is rendered as <th> while the block with "hi" is rendered as <td>


in Summer 13, both are rendered as (within) <td>




Guys Is there any work around for this ?


No known workaround yet. I did open a case with support, #09677726, but have not yet heard back from them yet.

Nathan B.ax1173Nathan B.ax1173

Anyone hear anything back from Support on this or find a suitable work around?

Nathan B.ax1173Nathan B.ax1173

A coworker of mine helped me find a work-around by looking through what CSS styles were being applied.


We set the labelStyle attribute of the PageBlockSectionItem as follows:



 That caused the label element of the section item to render as expected.  The default white-space for the label of the PageBlockSectionItems is set to "nowrap".


HI Nathan,


I am still facing the same issue can you post the exact line which you are using ?


Yes it is working .. i have 5 sections like this . we need to give for all sections then only it reflects . Thanks Nathan fro sharing this :-)


Its fixed by SFDC Team now.

Prakash, did you use Nathan's fix or did salesforce.com fix this and you did nothing?

I've confirmed salesforce.com fixed, no need to make any changes.