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Login fails on site

Dear Folks,


I have created  a site for an application I am building but am unable to login to the site. I have created a number of users but whenever I use their username and password I juts get the following error:


Your login attempt has failed. Make sure the username and password are correct.


I have also tried using the system administrator account but that does not work either.


I would appreciate any pointers on this matter.





I'm assuming that this is a force.com site?  If so, are these customer portal licensed users?  You can't use regular logins like system administrator on sites.




Thank you for your reply bob_buzzard.


Yes this is a force.com site.


I have created a new user on the customer portal now but I have no idea where I would set the password and username.


I am little new to creating users on the customer portal so I may need some step-by-step instructions I think.





When you create the user, they will be emailed with their username and password, and asked to change the password the first time that they login.  You will get some default pages on the site - e.g. Login, ChangePassword.


There's a very good wiki page on this at: