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Dynamic elements not rendering in multi level composition

I have a dynamic visualforce element that I'm attempting to render on a visualforce page that has two levels of <apex:composition> tags. The element renders fine if I just use one composition. it doesn't render if I use two levels. It seems to me like this is a bug in salesforce. Any insight would be helpful. Here's the simplest version of the issue I'm seeing: 


I have one controller named SimpleController used by all the pages and it's source is the following:


public class SimpleController {

    public Component.Apex.OutputText dynamictest {get; set;} 
    public PageReference pageRef {get; set;} 
    public SimpleController(){
        this.pageRef = Page.SimpleComposition;
        this.dynamictest = new Component.Apex.OutputText();
        this.dynamictest.value = 'This is the dynamic output text';        


It sets up the a page reference to the page that will be the composition included in the first page name MainPage that has the following source:


<apex:page controller="SimpleController">
	<apex:composition template="{!pageRef}" />

All this page does is output the template from pageRef. From the controller you can see that the template is the visualforce page SimpleComposition which has the following source:


<apex:page controller="SimpleController">

	<apex:composition template="SimpleTemplate">
		<apex:define name="dynTest">
			This is a simple composition<br />
			<apex:dynamicComponent componentValue="{!dynamictest}" rendered="true"/>



 And this is a compostion of the template named SimpleTemplate and it has the following source: 



<apex:page controller="SimpleController">
	This is the simple template <br />
	<apex:insert name="dynTest" />




This is the expected result when viewing MainPage:


This is the simple template 
This is a simple composition


This is the dynamic output text


This is the actual result :


This is the simple template 
This is a simple composition


No errors, no indication that anything went wrong. Just no rendering of the dynamic element. If I go to the SimpleComposition page directly I get the expected result.