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Pass variable from flow to VF page

I'm new to Visual Force, so please forgive the basic question...


I created a simple flow that does a lookup by name and then I assign the variable {!flowContactID} to the found contact id. I then want to send the user back to the screen for that contact. In the flow, I set {!flowContactID} as input/output


<apex:page >
<flow:interview name="Test_Contact_Add_and_Exit" finishLocation="{!URLFOR('/'&{!flowContactID})}"/>


I get a syntax error with the Visual Force page above. Do I also need to declare the {!flowContactID} variable within Visual Force?


Thanks, Michele


Hello Michele,


Try this: <flow:interview name="Test_Contact_Add_and_Exit" finishLocation="{!URLFOR('/{!flowContactID}')}"/>


Also refer following threads referring similar issue:






Hi Vinita:

Thanks for your suggestion. It did get rid of the syntax error, but it did not return me to the contact record I was looking for. It just sent me back to the home page.


I read through the links you suggested, but I am not an Apex coder and was not able to decipher much of it. Please forgive my lack of experience, but I would think it would just be a few lines of code to pass this variable in between. I don't have big aspirations of becoming an Apex coder, but I do want to able to use the power of these flows.


Any pointers on a simple solution?


Thanks, Michele