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Visualforce page on an iPad

when viewing my force site pages on iPad, each select list is labled with this text:


"0 items"


These are actually multi-select list, but they render as select list on mobile/tablet.

When I select 1 item, it properly populates the other list of selected items.

But, each select list is default-labeled with "0 items".


Anyone come across this, with a solution?



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As per my knowledge Visualforce pages are not supported in salesforce touch. Salesforce Touch displays custom Visualforce tabs, which allow you to open associated Visualforce pages in a new mobile browser window. All other programmatic customizations to the Salesforce interface, however, aren’t currently supported in Salesforce Touch, including:

  • Custom buttons and links
  • Web tabs
  • Visualforce components (other than Visualforce tabs, which are supported)
  • S-controls

Refer: https://help.salesforce.com/apex/HTViewSolution?urlname=What-Limitations-exist-in-Salesforce-Touch&language=en_US


And in Winter'14 Visualforce support in Salesforce Touch is unchanged.