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How to setup Chatter Kudos

Here is what I am trying to setup:

  • When a user uses the #kudos it create a Kudos point on the that users profile. For example, if I write "#kudos to @BrandonDaley for the awesome lead" the user, Brandon Daley, will receive one point. 
  • The #kudos should work for comments and comments of comments. 

Any ideas of how this could be accomplished?

Saravanan Sivalingam 1Saravanan Sivalingam 1
Hi @Deepak Kumar Shyoran,
your answer s very useful. I've one more doubt about the standard objects, Is there poissible to create Master-Details relations between two standard objects.

Yes, master detail relationship on two standard objects can be created. But the standard object can not be at detail side in a master-detail relationship. As well as, you cannot create a master-detail relationship in which the User or Lead objects are the master.

Also, if you need to create a master -detail relationship on an object already having data, then you have to first create alook up relationship and then assign value to each existing record and then convert it to master-detail relationship.

For further reference, please follow below link: