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Proof of Concept: FeedItem Custom Related Lists

Hello all,


I've got a wonderfully complicated idea, and before I invest too much time in pursuing it, I was wondering if an expert out there could tell me whether this is possible...


I have a custom object in my org for Employee. We have a number of documents generated from a back-end system by our accounting department every month for some of our employees. These docs are emailed to everyone and archived somewhere, and it's a pretty time-consuming and cumbersome process.


I've been asked to find a way to semi-automate a process for taking those documents every month, Data Loading them into each Employee record as an attachment (I'm thinking I'd like to do it as a Chatter FeedItem), and presenting them as hyerplinked lists on a dashboard that is already configured to run as logged in user. By standardizing FeedItem Body and/or ContentFileName and/or ContentDescription, I'm thinking I'd be able to create custom related lists on the Employee object records that group documents by their types (e.g., Monthly Commission Statements, Monthly Expense Report, etc.). Using this same idea, I could create various Visualforce Components to present on a Dashboard where each component houses lists of links to files of different types (see this image for clarification: http://postimg.org/image/7b6vbztsn/).


I'm not terribly concerned about the Data Loading process. What I need is some clarification/direction on dynamically displaying different documents on a dashboard and/or Employee record, depending upon who is viewing the board/record at that time.


Is this possible?




Apologies, two further points of clarification...


  1. Each Employee record does have a lookup to User record, so I have a way of retireiving $User.Id from Employee. Not sure if that will help with the dynamic nature of my particular use case.
  2. Would there be any way, through Data Loader or a similar service, to force the user to Follow items posted on their employee record, or to share the item with them once it's been uploaded? In this way, they would be able to easily filter their monthly files.