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Java script error on Visualforce page

Hi there,


I am having simple java script on vf page.the java script function is called on button onclick.

when i click on the button i am getting below java script error.


Message: 'LC.labels' is null or not an object
Line: 1002
Char: 135
Code: 0


I am not getting how to solve this problem, can any please tell me what i need to add in java script to avoid this error.



Hi Arunadeveloper,


Have you tried accessing the page on a different browser? Which browser are you working on currently?

While investigating I found a user who faced a similar issue on IE8, but the issue was intermittent and disappeared in some time.




I am working on IE


OK, As I mentioned we have seen similar issues on IE 8(specifically) Could you please try the same on any other browser.


On IE, check the version and try to delete browser cache, cookie and history and then follow the same steps to try to repro the issue -


Both cases - let me know the result.