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Visual force page embedded in a object page layout not displayed in edit mode

Hello Helper


I want to embedd a visual force page into a section  of a custom object page layout


I  did it  but  I was surprised  to see that my  page  is not visible  in Edit mode  only after I save  the record


The visual force page  does not use any data of the cusotm object  it displays  soem record form another   


In order  to make the page available   in the page layout designer   I defined  the page as   below  (where "MyCustomObject"  is the object  where I have to display the VF page  but  as I mentioend the page does not use the record being edited/created )


<apex:page standardController="Coaching_Report_vod__c" extensions="VEEVA_CR_helper">


any suggestions are welcommed



Thanks  in advance





Val ValinoVal Valino

You need to create a new Visualforce page for the edit mode and override the edit mode standard page layout with the new Visualforce page.