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update field with picklist values

I have a picklist list with the following values: YES, NO, MAYBE. I have another formula field that calculates the value of YES, NO, and MAYBE by assigning to each of them a particular score: YES = 10, NO = 0, MAYBE = BLANK.

When I add this field to a report the records with any of the three values shows the number of points, that is, 10 or 0 or BLANK, and calculates the average result based on the different scores.

I need to show on the reports only the records scoring YES or NO and remove MAYBE. Then the average would be calculated based on the total number of YES and NO instead of the total number of YES, NO, and MAYBE.

How can I do this? Thank you!!

Hi Chicho,


When creating the report - you can add a filter to the report and use the formula field in the filter to show only record with values as YES or NO 


This way you will have that set of records and you can summarize and get the result for YES and NO records:


Read more on how to do this:




Hope I've understood your question correctly and the above info helps!