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Integrating bluimp jQuery File Uploader into Visualforce Page

I'm attempting to integrate the jQuery File Uploader utility built by blueimp into a visualforce page that will be embedded into a custom object's page layout. I have the front-end done but now I'm a little stuck for getting the back-end working. I was going to have the form submit to an Apex REST Method, but the content-type multipart/form-data isn't supported. I've seen some workarounds on the web for uploading to external servers but I'm still having trouble getting the light bulb to go off for my use case; any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

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Hi @MayTheForceBeWithYou.


Why are you using an APEX REST service? I guess you are uploading the files to another organization. If you are uploading the files to the same organization, I developed a solution based on code from Jason Venable (TehNrd).  This solution allows drag and drop multiple files to upload to Salesforce and in the same process, and upload them as attachments to a Salesfore.com record.


You can install my solution in your Salesforce organization through an unmanaged package at the following url: https://login.salesforce.com/packaging/installPackage.apexp?p0=04td0000000MSto


Also, you can view the documentation of my solution in this document in pdf format: Drag and drop multiple files to upload to Salesforce


I hope this helps.


José Luis Almazán.