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rerender issue



I am new to visualforce.This is a simple requirement,but i am not able to get this work.


From account detail page ,i need to navigate to a new page on a button click.

On the new page,all the contacts associated with that account should be displayed and a button called "show opportunities".opportunities associated with the account should be rendered on that button click only.

BUt even if i use the rerender attribute,opportunities are always displayed on page.I used the Account standard controller.


Can someone guide me?



I think it would help looking at your VF-code.


The section that displays the opportunities need to be rendered=false at first and then when rerendered on a button click it should be set to rendered=true. It could be that you need to rerender another section than you do. But it would be much easier to say that if I could see your code first.


// Niklas

Ditto. Code samples will help, as well as knowing are we talking about one VF page or two? Is there a custom controller?