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Kiran Kumar GottulaKiran Kumar Gottula 

Display the article Details in VF Page from Controller.

How to display the article Details in VF Page from Controller. After this , how can we print all Article Details in the PDF format. Appreciate for your help.


Are you referring to knowledge article details here?  If so, you just need to use the standard controller for the article type and access the fields directly.


For example, I have an article type called News, which has an API name of News__kav.  I can then use this in the page as follows:


<apex:page standardController="News__kav">
  <apex:outputField value="{!News__kav.Title}" />
  <apex:outputField value="{!News__kav.Summary}" />

 this does mean that I need to pass the article ID as a parameter to the Visualforce page, as is the case when using any standard controller.

Kiran Kumar GottulaKiran Kumar Gottula
Hi Bob,

I just want to display a PDF with a field name called as 'Details' in



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